The wood look is in. These products--from the company's Eco Forest line--come in two colors, teak and ciliegio, and two sizes: 13 by 13 and 4 by 13.

Floor Gres Ceramiche.

The Eco Tech line of floor and wall tiles are made from up to 70 percent post-industrial waste such as sludge from the factory's wastewater, left over scraps from bad pressing. Available in matte and striated finishes, the units come in a wide variety of sizes including 24 by 48 inches.

Caesar Ceramiche.

Italian manufacturers are also capable of whimsical products such as the Arreda line of porcelain tiles for walls and floor in residential or light commercial. Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, the line also include the zip which has interlocking edges. A corner piece and a finished edge piece are available.


One of the hottest looks in tiles is the metallic look such as the metal-inspired Fucina product shown here. The through-body ceramic tile comes in six colors and in a variety of formats such as mosaics and field tiles measuring 12 by 12 inches and 24 by 24 inches.

Cotto D'Este.

Kerlite porcelain tiles measure an astonishing 3 millimeters thick and are ideal for retrofit and remodeling market or where architects or builders desire a lightweight wall cladding. The product also comes as Kerlite Plus with a fiberglass backing for floor applications. It comes in four color families and in sizes from small to large.


For every smooth uniform tile there is one with a pattern. The Grid series, part of the company's Studies collection, is created by a sanding process using a porcelain tile base. The ceramic wall tile is ideal for accents or decorative applications