Leading up to the 2013 U.S. Solar Decathlon in Irvine, Calif., Ecobuildingpulse.com is keeping tabs on the progress of several teams. In a regular blog series, the teams will shed light on the experience of putting together their submissions for this year’s Solar Decathlon. The teams will go up against 18 other teams from Oct. 3–13., to see which one designed the best solar-powered house. This week's blog entry is from Team Capitol DC—representing Catholic University, George Washington University, and American Universityand chronicles the team's work from mid-February to mid-March.

Currently, Team Capitol DC is working on completing the building enclosure. We are also creating our interior wall studs in preparation for the rough electrical and plumbing work. We completed the rough mechanical last week.  Additionally, we are pushing to complete the interior framing before our SIP panels arrive to complete the thermal barrier.

Our team’s current challenge is coordinating all of these tasks that the students are performing alongside coordinating with the subcontractors who are assisting the team. We haven't had any major issues affect our overall timeline, but we do have time built in to account for issues if they arise.  Keeping the construction schedule up to date is another challenge we are facing right now.  An updated schedule ensures all team members and consultants have an idea when we are expecting to start different tasks.

Team Capitol DC is also currently focusing on the documentation of the project. We recently set up a camera onsite so that we can create a time lapse of the construction on HARVEST HOME.  We hope to have a live webcam feed available soon.

We also face an additional challenge working with three universities.  As new students join the project and our team grows in size, we have to ensure new teammates know how to communicate with other members from different universities.  However, this is a challenge we are willing to accept since new students with different academic interests bring new ideas and fresh thinking to Team Capitol DC.  

Keep visiting ecobuildingpulse.com for updates on the progress of the teams competing in the 2013 U.S. Solar Decathlon.