David Prutting of Prutting & Co. Custom Builders in New Canaan, Conn., recently spoke with CUSTOM HOME about a $4.95 million, downtown New Canaan spec house built by his company and designed by Joeb + Partners, Architects. Video below is courtesy of Panman Productions and Prutting & Company.

Are you the developer as well as the builder of this project?

Yes. My wife Debbie and I bought the property and hired Joeb + Partners as the architects. Prutting & Company is the builder.

Has it helped keep you busy during the slowdown?

It happened to coincide with a downturn in our construction schedule. So it did help keep some of our talented trades people busy and also managerial people here in the office. We hired a structural and mechanical engineer ourselves so we were very involved, more so than on a typical project where the architect would provide that.

What spurred you to make it a green house?

We expect it to be certified LEED Silver. Green building is just where we are today; it's not an option any longer. This is a contemporary house, a today-oriented house. The whole house is a statement about modernity. And of course I want to integrate everything I know. There's a 4.5-kW photovoltaic array on the roof. On the side wall of the building, we have three solar hot water panels. The entire house has radiant heat.

Has there been a lot of buyer interest in the house?

Realtors in town tell me our open houses have had record attendance. I'm sure not everybody's enamored, but there's been a great deal of interest, response, admiration. We're quite proud. Several potential buyers have expressed interest. We determined the value based on what we put into it. The economy is not an optimum situation, but the real estate market here in Fairfield County, Conn., has at least stabilized. We're 40 miles from Manhattan; we know we have a good spot.

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