The first public comment period for proposed updates to the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED green building rating systems has been extended to Jan. 14, 2011, further lengthening the time available for stakeholders to review the changes proposed and provide constructive feedback.

Many of the changes are designed to streamline all the LEED systems, eliminate existing credit redundancies, tighten requirements, and make the programs more equitable. Changes proposed for the LEED for Homes system include updated performance requirements to meet Energy Star for Homes version 3 and exchanging the current home size adjuster and HERS rating requirements for an absolute energy metric that reflects a home's estimated reduction of annual energy usage regardless of size.

Feedback on the draft may be logged using the USGBC's public comment pages, but the USGBC also is utilizing alternative means of gathering commentary, including feedback from projects currently testing pilot credits and collecting input from a moderated forum dedicated to discussing LEED's evolution and from informational webinars held for stakeholders.