A new survey of future and current homeowners has found that the American dream is alive and well, and focused more on sustainable living than ever before.

Nearly one-quarter (74%) of those polled said home buying is a good investment, and their most wanted features in a new home related to energy efficiency and sustainable materials, according to the study from Yahoo! Real Estate. The most desirable features include:
-- Green/energy efficient: 50%
-- Building a custom home: 38%
-- Water views: 38%
-- Mountain views: 32%
-- Suburban home: 31%
-- Near the beach: 27%
-- Cottage in the woods: 20%

A desire to move to a more sustainable home was rated by 27% of the respondents as a reason they would move out of their current home or apartment. The top reasons for moving include:
-- Wanting to live in a larger space: 45%
-- Wanting to live in a home that better suits their life stage: 44%
-- Wanting to live in a home that better suits their style: 47%
-- Wanting to move to a better neighborhood: 30%
-- Wanting a more environmentally sustainable home: 27%
-- Wanting to live closer to job: 22%