With more than 400 green certifications for materials, buildings, resource management, and products in use, navigating the green and eco-friendly marketplace is getting a little confusing. Luckily, Inhabitat has compiled a guide to the most-used and easily recognizable green labels at inhabitat.com/2010/04/06/demystifying-eco-labels/. The site's recent "Eco Labels 101" post provides short and easily understandable descriptions of several labels, along with images of the labels themselves, in the following categories: electrical products, water delivery, paper and wood products, buildings, building products, furniture, food and agriculture, animal protection, materials content, and general "green" certification.

While it's not as easy to carry around as a decoder ring, it's easy enough to access online from an iPhone, Blackberry, or other web-enabled phone anytime you need to refer to it.