The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) has issued a call for participants for the 15th annual National Solar Tour, which will be held Oct. 2 in cities across the nation.

This grassroots solar event offers citizens open house tours of thousands of solar-powered homes, businesses, and public agencies, helping introduce them to the many ways solar technologies can cut energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, create cleaner communities, earn tax credits and cash incentives, and reduce the nation's dependence on fossil fuels.

Most tours will take place on Oct. 2, but several will be held earlier (and a few later) because of the weather and some will be held over the course of several days. Solar-powered homes, farms, condo complexes, public agency buildings, solar-powered businesses, and other buildings will be open to tour participants. The self-guided or bus-hosted tours are organized at the local level by industry, community, and nonprofit organizations, as well as solar installers; some are annual occurrences, while others are specially developed for the National Solar Tour.

The ASES, which coordinates the nationwide tours, needs tour hosts and volunteers who are knowledgeable about solar energy and technologies. Local tour organizers will be supported year round by the ASES in creating successful tours, including monthly teleconferences with other organizers, creating public relations materials, and other help.

Currently, tours are scheduled in 23 states. To organize a tour or volunteer in other ways, visit