Greenbuild 2010, Chicago—The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC-US) held an awards ceremony during Greenbuild to recognize the winners of its 2010 Design & Build with FSC competition. The competition, an annual program, celebrates the liberal and creative use of wood and wood products sourced from forests managed in a way that is both environmentally and socially sustainable, as well as the use of reclaimed wood products.

The two projects selected for the 2010 awards program both exceed 98 percent FSC-certified or reclaimed wood usage.

  • Commercial winner: FondAction Building Quebec, Quebec City, by GHA Architecture et Developpement Durable. This six-story, 60,000-square-foot office building used more than 400,000 board-feet of FSC-certified wooden glulams, valued at $1.02 million, as an alternative to steel and concrete construction. According to the firm, the use of FSC-certified wood products eliminated an additional 450 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and effectively sequesters 900 tons of CO2 for the life of the building. The project is a candidate for LEED Gold certification. (View project details.)
  • Residential winner: The Vermont Street Project, Portland, Ore., by New Energy Works. This 2,000-square-foot timber-frame home showcases the beauty of responsibly sourced wood in every room. Reclaimed flooring and reclaimed timber-frame members combine with FSC-certified flooring, paneling, cabinets, doors, siding, and decking to create a residence that is warm and livable, as well as sustainable. (Read more about this project.)

The amount of FSC-certified wood used in projects, the appropriateness of the wood use, the creative expression and innovation, and the architects' and builders' efforts to advance FSC market transformation all were major considerations in selecting the winning projects.