Courtesy Zeno Products

Zeno’s fireplaces are Dutch-designed and crafted. And although the company’s Colonna model (pictured) is not custom-built, its unique shape cast from Cor-Ten steel melds naturally into outdoor installations. Dens van Laarhoven, the company’s president, says that application opportunities are many for the 5-foot-9-inch-tall design—freestanding in garden spaces, on terraces, or, with some minor adjustments, under porches.

Yet efficiency is key. The fire mouth’s shape prevents smoke from venting back out its front while still offering enough room to accommodate an accessory grill. A powder coat keeps the shell from overheating, and an obscured ash-deposit box located on the side of the fireplace allows for its smooth, curved lines to remain unobstructed. Zeno Products. +31 40 7878789.