toto environment The embedded microcomputer in TOTO's Washlet S400 toilet automatically opens the lid when a user approaches, flushes three seconds after he or she walks away, and closes the lid six seconds thereafter. A wireless remote operates a warm water personal-cleansing system, which self-cleans before retracting into the seat. User-controlled preferences include water pressure and temperature, seat position, front or back water-spray, and air dryer temperature. Available in colonial or cotton white or Sedona beige. TOTO USA, 800.350.8686;

trident and true The dual-flush system that comes standard on Neptune's one-piece Parma toilet reportedly saves 0.8 gallons per flush when the low-volume button is depressed. The unit's specially engineered antiblockage trap, “whisper-quiet” flushing, and bacteria-resistant double-glazed porcelain enhance its otherworldly allure. Neptune, 450.773.7058;

whistle clean The patented EverClean antimicrobial glaze used on the Cadet 3 toilet will keep it sparkling like new even after years of use.

Or so says manufacturer American Standard, which promises dirt-, mold-, mildew-, and bacteria-resistant toilet surfaces for the lifetime of the toilet. Another company innovation, the “Flush Right Flushing System,” uses an oversized flapper and 3-inch valve to ensure reliable and smooth flushing. Choose from black, bone, linen, silver, or white. American Standard, 800.442.1902; all swashed up

A contoured, heated, and germ-resistant seat is the first of many luxuries provided by Brondell's Swash line of high-tech toilet seats. Personalized settings programmed into a wireless remote adjust water and seat temperature, water pressure, and air dryer temperature. The easy-close seat includes a quick-release function for seamless transfer to the many toilet brands and styles with which the Swash is compatible. Choose an elongated or round shape in white or biscuit. Brondell, 888.542.3355;

fresh take Odor-sensitive pressure sensors make Villeroy & Boch's Sunberry PurAir the sweetest-smelling seat in the house. Activated by the user's body weight, the system draws air from the bowl into a ceramic duct, where a carbon filter attracts and absorbs odor molecules and recirculates fresh air. The toilet is powered using regular batteries, a plug-in-module, or an in-wall transformer. Villeroy & Boch, 877.505.5350;

dry state Duravit says its Dry urinal can save a family of four up to 35,000 gallons of water annually because the device doesn't have to be connected to a water source. Instead, Dry runs on a specially developed plant-based fluid, dubbed Dry Blue, that's heavier than liquid waste and powerful enough to force waste directly into the sewage system. The recommended amount reportedly lasts for around 5,000 uses before a refill becomes necessary. The urinal, meanwhile, has a pore-free surface that resists dirt and bacteria. Duravit USA, 888.387.2848;