Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems may live behind walls, but their effectiveness is central to maintaining a habitable building. From a compact hydronic boiler to a ventilation system designed to sync with the use-pattern of a large commercial kitchen, these HVAC products help building owners and operators establish and maintain sustainable indoor air quality. We cap off this week’s roundup with a line of custom range hoods designed to accommodate professional cooking ranges in single- and multifamily kitchens.

Crossroads, Jaga Climate Systems
Radiators can pose a challenge to designers who must meld the often-utilitarian equipment with a room’s décor without hampering the products’ functionality. Crossroads from Jaga Climate Systems boasts a design that harkens blacksmiths’ age-old craft through a web of visually dynamic enameled metal that operates as both a design object and a wall-mounted radiator. Measuring 200cm tall and 60cm wide, the unit can be tied to a building’s central heating system. Available in four finishes, including stainless steel, shown. jaga-usa.com

IQHC Series, Semco
This energy-efficient series of active chilled beams from Semco uses 25% less pump and 50% less fan horsepower compared to conventional chilled water loop or rooftop forced air HVAC systems. IQHC also features a 12-slot nozzle that is field-adjustable with two hand-operated levers, allowing easier cfm-rate changes. The beams can be installed in a ceiling grid or as a pendant, and are powerful enough for hospitals, office buildings, and schools. www.semcohvac.com

Vari-Flow System, Greenheck
Commercial kitchens must house robust equipment that is often used at full capacity for extended periods with the potential to release exhaust and other fumes that can be detrimental to indoor air quality. The Vari-Flow System from Greenheck moderates the intensity of cooking activity throughout the day and adjusts exhaust and supply air accordingly to save energy and cut operating costs. The system tracks static pressure in the space in order to pressurize the room, while a tank-mounted temperature sensor responds up to five times faster that duct-mounted units, the company says. A keypad control interface lets users operate fans, lights, manual overrides, and system events. The system can contribute to LEED credits for innovation and design and optimizing energy performance. greenheck.com

Endura Boiler, Fulton Companies
Hydronic boilers condition spaces efficiently while consuming minimal resources by using water to transfer heat. Designed for commercial use, the Endura boiler from Fulton comprises a series of vertical tubes that disseminate heat and a duplex stainless-steel three-pass heat exchanger contained in a compact footprint. Available in capacities of 1.5 million Btus per hour and 2 million Btus per hour, the system is certified at 93.5% efficiency by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute for the EDR-1500 standard and at 93.7% efficiency for the EDR-2000 standard. A color touchscreen display integrates with a building-management system and can accommodate up to eight boilers. fulton.com

Single-Source Integrated Controls, Mitsubishi Electric
Three controls from Mitsubishi Electric aim to help commercial building operators monitor the company’s City Multi Variable Refrigerant Flow zoning systems from a single online portal. The SmartME Zone Controller (shown) can operate up to 16 indoor units in a single zone; the AdvancedHVAC Controller’s custom applications integrate indoor units with third-party equipment such as auxiliary heat and energy recovery ventilation systems; and the EB-50 GU-A Central Controller offers Web-based control of up to 50 indoor units within the same building. The components can be used together or individually. mitsubishipro.com

Commercial-Quality Range Hoods, Prizer Hoods
Single- and multifamily kitchens that use commercial ranges require right-sized ventilation. But rarely do the available options diverge from the utilitarian aesthetic of a restaurant kitchen. Prizer Hoods—whose parent company Prize-Painter Stove Works manufactures BlueStar professional cooking ranges—launched its inaugural line of range hoods with exterior or recirculating ventilation in January 2013. The hoods can be specified in 47 standard profiles, as well as in custom shapes, that can be mounted under cabinets, to walls, above islands and outdoor grills, or around exhaust liners. The hoods are available in heights of 4”, 10”, 12”, 14”, or 18”, and can be specified in several materials and finishes. prizerhoods.com