Gift-buying for your fellow architects and designers can quickly become an expensive venture. This roundup of gear and other accessories is priced to please your wallet while provoking nothing short of gratitude from even the pickiest team member.
Words Brand

"Will Design for Money" T-Shirt, Words Brand | $18

It's a fact of the job, so why not let your design friends wear their truism on their sleeve—err, chest. Available in loose and fitted cuts, these black and white printed American Apparel–brand tees are the perfect garb for pulling in new business on the go, or reminding clients why you’ve agreed to work with them in the first place. 

Dual Brush Pens, Tombow | $3.19 each or $26.99 for a set of 10 
Refresh your colleagues’ marker stashes so you can borrow them down the road. “I never cease to be amazed at how just a tiny bit of color on a sketch makes it look like a pro did it,” Dallas-based architect Bob Borson, AIA, told us when he recommended the pens for our 2015 lineup of architect-selected year-end gifts. “Oh, guess what? I am a pro—or at least now I can look like one.” There was never any question, Bob.

LA Architect

Cap, The Architects LA | $24.99 to $26.99 
What happens when you overlay an L-square and a compass? Nothing, usually. But this sartorial callback to the City of Angels is straight off a messy studio worktop. Ship it with good tidings to your West Coast colleagues or sport the out-of-scale embroidered mashup at the jobsite. In various styles and color combinations.

Tom Alphin

The Lego Architect, Tom Alphin | $24.95
What would a Corbu masterpiece look like made out of Lego bricks? Lego enthusiast Tom Alphin—whose day job as a Microsoft user-experience programmer funds his hobby—explores seven architectural building styles from Neoclassical to Postmodern with the tiny plastic bricks. For extra inspiration when building with the newfangled LEGO Architecture Studio sets or a stash saved from childhood.

W&P Design

Carry on Cocktail Kit, W&P Design | $24
For the savvy jet-setter, this carry-on-ready cocktail kit from Brooklyn, N.Y., studio W&P Design has the tools and mixings for an Old Fashioned, gin and tonic, or a Moscow Mule at cruising altitude. Each pocketable pack is good for two drinks—one to savor and one to bribe a seat partner with for exclusive arm-rest access.

Alain Ducasse

Christmas Tree, Alain Ducasse | 55 euros ($60)
This tree-inspired confection made the list because it comes flat-packed and ready to assemble. But rather than a seemingly random handful of tiny pegs and hex wrenches, this tiered edible creation from the French-born Michelin chef Alain Ducasse arrives with a set of white gloves to wear while putting it together. Each layer comes pre-sprinkled with nuts and dried fruit. Buy it to share and split the cost, which will put the treat at or under the $30 mark.

Playing Arts

Edition Two, Playing Arts | $12.95
This 55-card poker deck features the unique illustrations of that many independent artists. The first deck was released in April 2015 and was followed recently by a second edition featuring the work of many of the same individuals. Each card has a colorful backing designed by Lisbon, Portugal–based artist Danny Ivan, whose graphics have been used by brands like Starbucks and Adobe in promotional material. The group is taking submissions for future editions.

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