Campus life is booming and more young professionals are looking to rent rather than buy their own homes. Versa Wallcovering’s latest designs may target corporate, health care, hospitality, and retail interiors, but they also can pack a punch when it comes to outfitting the interiors of housing’s burgeoning categories. Rows of ridges segmented into a block pattern define the company’s Lombard design, which is made of low-VOC, Type II vinyl, and comes in 18 colors. Verona’s silk look is made via subtle waves against a ribbed background; plus, it’s available with 20 percent recycled content and comes in 24 colors. Metro’s concentric circular pattern repeats on a 24-inch-by-53-inch scale in eight color palettes. For areas that see considerable traffic, Versa’s VersaGuard flexible wall protection is made from heavy-duty 33-ounce vinyl with a protective top film that together make the product four times more impact resistant than the Type II version, the company says; the low-VOC material can be cleaned with bleach or rubbing alcohol, and includes 20 percent recycled content, half of which is post-consumer. Versa Wallcovering, 502.458.1502;