When I was designing my house, I was loathe to use anything off the shelf,” says Whitney Sander, AIA. “There's something satisfying about designing fixtures and fittings—you can get the exact size and quality of light or mood you like.” Apparently others were also captivated by the translucent resin sinks he designed for his Venice, Calif., home and thus a fledgling business was born.

Of course there were bumps along the way. His biggest hurdle was losing his resin fabricator midstream. It took just the right combination of artist and alchemist to “get the color and specific density of light transmission correct, while also making a proper mixture that wouldn't explode or crack,” Sander explains. The diaphanous sinks are just the beginning of Sander's product line. He's having so much fun that several of his light fixtures and even his dining room table are now available.

For the ideal sink shape, Sander recalled Plato's fondness for an absolute square with a circle in it. The circle is offset slightly for a contemporary twist. For information call 310.822.0300, or visit www.sander-products.com. To see other offerings, go to www.sander-architects.com and click on products.