Digital printing has come a long way in recent years. In fact, Spanish tile manufacturer Ceracasa has found a new way to leverage the technology with its Emotile line. Using a CMYK ink-jet printing process, Ceracasa can produce a full-bleed transfer of photo-quality images on porcelain tile, allowing homeowners to transform their walls or floors into their favorite photograph, drawing, or any other visual element that can be copied. Images can also be transferred across multiple tiles. Like any ceramic tile, Emotile is bacteria- and mold-resistant and wipes clean with a wet cloth. Several finishes—polished, satin, and nonslip among them—will accept images; tile sizes range from 18½ inches square to a 19 1/3-inch-by-26 2/3-inch rectangle. Ceracasa S.A., 34.964.361.611;