Have you ever seen a house that was framed with Thermoply sheathing? Here's a "custom" home I took a picture of a few weeks ago that used this (seems like cardboard to me) sheathing.

What a HOT Mess, there are so many things wrong with this picture it's hard for me to even start! It's a nightmare for water leaks at the windows, there is no overhang so there WILL be water on the face of this sheathing, and it's going to leak air at every electrical outlet on the outside walls. This house will be lucky to survive past it's first mortgage. But let's get back to the question at hand. OSB vs Plywood sheathing. Here's a video I shot last week on a new house I'm building in Barton Creek outside Austin, TX.

Here's some product links to what you saw in the video. Carlisle CCW 705weaetxdyvaydzcwqStinger Cap Stapler for Tyvek, Tyvek Commercial D Wrap, Dupont Flexwrap window sill flashing, and DuPont window flashing tape. If you are in Austin, I buy all these supplies from All-Tex Supply

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