Two new sconces from FDV Collection feature colors and dimensions that let the light fixtures hold their own as design elements. The Alpha sconce’s design harkens a retro vibe with an oblong shape and a steel diffuser for the center detail; the light appears white when turned off and shows sand and beige colors when turned on. Alpha comes in 11-inch-tall-by-24 3/4-inch-wide and 61/4-inch-tall-by-14 1/8-inch-wide wall-mount models. The circular Beta’s glass diffuser is white when off and shows shades of sand and beige colors when on, and includes a steel-finish center. The sconce can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and comes in a 13 3/4-square-inch and a 20 1/2-square-inch model. Both the Alpha and the Beta are ADA certified.  FDV Collection,; 732.225.0010.