German pre-fab manufacturer Huf Haus now offers its contemporary post-and-beam designs for the U.S. market. The distinctive homes boast open floor plans and floor-to-ceiling glass for an ultra-modern look and sweeping views.

Components and panels for the eco-friendly houses are manufactured in a German factory, then shipped to the U.S. site. Once delivered, the homes are assembled in about a week and then outfitted with mechanicals, interiors, and landscaping in three to four months. Though the company has a base set of designs, defined by a number of sections or “bays,” each order is customized for the client, the climate, and the site.

Huf Haus, which focuses on delivering the utmost quality, employs a team of skilled workers, engineers, and developers. In fact, initial U.S. buildouts will be performed by German crews. Among the homes’ quality and eco-friendly details are precast concrete ceilings that separate the second floor to reduce noise; 4-inch-thick laminated spruce panels for walls that combine with an external layer of foam insulation for an R-value of 35; triple-glazed floor-to-ceiling tilt-in windows; and interlocking concrete roof panels.

Solar roofs, water-conserving fixtures, and low-VOC finishes are options. Most designs feature rain chains, while transoms above the tall window panels bring in additional light and promote ventilation.

Aimed at the luxury market, the homes start at $450 to $600 per square foot.

The company builds about 150 to 200 homes per year in Europe and around the world. So far, one model has been erected in the U.S. and another is in the design stage.  In addition to single-family houses, Huf Haus designs can be built into townhomes, low-rise apartment buildings, additions, and small business parks.

To view a few Huf Haus designs, click on the slide show above.

Katy Tomasulo is Deputy Editor for EcoHome.