"I think that a product's design, or design in general, is enduring when it clearly reflects its use, works extremely well, and is direct. By direct, I mean it solves a problem in a very uncomplicated way."

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other favorites

Glen-Gery Brick: brick, www.glengerybrick.com.
Ipe Decking: ipe lumber, www.ipedecking.com.
NBK North America: terra-cotta panels, www.nbk.de.

Courtesy Gibson

timeless design objects Eames molded plywood lounge chair: “Simple, elegant, efficient. Looks as ‘modern’ today as it did 50 years ago.”
Tungsten filament light bulb: “Perhaps not as energy efficient, but widely manufactured, easy to replace, and we still can’t quite beat its color rendition.”
Gibson Les Paul: “After 60 years it is still the best electric guitar made (sorry Stratocaster fans). I am looking forward to the 100th anniversary reissue.”

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