A good design withstands the test of time. Add the capacity to endure the coastal air and it can become an architect’s mainstay.

About five years ago, Portland, Me.–based architect Scott Simons, AIA, discovered HK Lighting’s ZX20 Series while collaborating with local lighting designer Peter Knuppel.

Simons’s firm has since specified the series to illuminate entries, ceilings, paths, and outdoor spaces on residential projects, libraries, and a ferry terminal. With an aluminum alloy body and stainless steel hardware, the fixtures are “simple, modern, and well detailed,” Simons says. “They’re very small and they put out a lot of light.”

The collection offers several sizes, configurations, finishes, and source types, but Simons favors the bronze-finished, 2.75-inch-diameter accent model outfitted with an LED driver (shown above). “They pivot around a simple swivel base,” he says. “You can put them anywhere.”

Similar to its clean design, the fixture’s maintenance needs are minimal, which Simons and his clients relish. “We’re right on the ocean,” he says. “That’s why we like it. It’s going to hold up to anything.” HK Lighting Group, hklightinggroup.com