Whole Grain: Migeon adds warmth to her modern interiors with custom millwork, and her favorite source for facing material is FormWood Industries. The company offers more than 100 species and cuts of wood, from afrormosia to zebrawood, in paper-backed, laminate-backed, pressure-sensitive, and hot-melt-glue-backed veneers. “And you can get them book-matched,” Migeon says. She used FormWood in the project shown at far left. FormWood Industries, formwood.com

Visible Spectrum: Philips’s Color Kinetics LED lighting can generate effects that range from elaborate light shows to subtly shifting interior accents. Migeon has used the components in digitally controlled interior lighting systems to produce an endless variety of lighting scenarios. “We can set them for what colors we want at different speeds and times,” she says. “You can program them any way you like. It allows for that transition in a room.” Philips, colorkinetics.com

Growing Up: Given New York’s compact outdoor spaces, Migeon likes to think vertically when it comes to landscaping. greenscreen’s modular, welded-wire trellis system allows climbing plants to become green sculpture. Best of all, Migeon says, whether assembled as a fence, a column, or a more complex shape, “once you have some wisteria over it, it disappears.” greenscreen, greenscreen.com

Time Machine: Waterworks’s Henry Collection plumbing fittings transmit a kind of steampunk vibe, as if they came from some alternate Victorian age. The look is “minimal but not too minimal; it’s got some detail,” Migeon says. “It’s simple and elegant but not stripped down.” Equally important for her projects, “it’s very high-end quality, and it comes in many, many finishes.” Waterworks, waterworks.com

Sun Shower: Migeon enjoys working with relatively small fabricators that straddle the line between art and industry—and London-based Ochre is one. “They do beautiful objects,” says Migeon, who offers as an example the company’s Light Drizzle lighting fixture. “I like this one because of the droplets,” she says. “Day or night, the reflections it makes are beautiful.” Ochre, ochre.net

John F Morgan

Pixilated: While drawn to unique products and materials, Migeon also energizes her work with creative applications of time-honored staples like porcelain mosaic tiles from American Olean, shown at left in a firm project. “I’m very interested in pattern,” Migeon says, “and they’ll do a customization of a pattern. They’re very easy to work with; I can just go down to the local store.” American Olean, americanolean.com

Wish List

  Looking Glass: Vancouver, B.C.–based Joel Berman Glass Studios produces art glass for architectural applications, using kiln-forming and pressure-forming techniques to achieve a wide range of colors, textures, and effects. “It’s more art form than industrial product,” says Migeon. “It’s all about how the light hits the surface. I wish I could use more of it, but it’s hard to find the right client for it.” Joel Berman Glass Studios, jbermanglass.com

  Grand Opening: Bearing the label of a venerable German manufacturer, Schüco’s aluminum windows are produced in the United States. Migeon appreciates their precision build quality and the design flexibility they allow her. “It’s hard to get a custom window in large sizes,” she says, and Schüco’s hardware can support operable sash up to 130kg in weight. “The windows have a very thin profile on the mullion,” she adds, “and the metal they use is beautiful.” Schüco USA, schueco.com

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