Michael Moran

The pixelated artwork in the entryway of this Long Island residence changes continually. Ribbons of stainless steel, bent up and down to form shelves and cubbies, allow hundreds of wine bottles to climb a wall of acid-etched glass.

“We not only bring the wine cellar upstairs, we feature it,” says architect Paul Masi. “The house is very long and exaggerated through the landscape but it has these intimate, isolated spaces”—one of which holds the wine. The wine room occupies an area between the kitchen and the front door, a freestanding volume within the space. The meticulous bends of the wine shelves reference the long paths winding through the grounds outside.

Masi chose a low-watt fluorescent fixture to minimize heat and silhouette the bottle bottoms through the wall with a warm, even wash. Triple-insulated glass keeps the climate to cellar standards.