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Five On-Trend Bathroom Products

These fixtures and furniture pieces embrace the natural texture of wood and marble... More

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Eight New Tiles to Punch Up Interiors

These versatile tiles offer fresh takes on enduring designs. More

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Encaustic Mosaic Tile Patterns Come Back to Life

A digitized catalog shows the product offerings of the former American Encaustic... More

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Soaking Up the Shade

Deborah Osburn, the California-based designer behind online luxe tile marketplace ... More

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These Tiles are Made from Your Old PET Computer’s Screen

One small tile manufacturer is looking to make a dent in landfill waste from electronics with a new line of backsplash tiles and coasters. More

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17th Century Collection, Tilevera

These limestone tiles give historical delftware designs a contemporary upgrade. More

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Picket, Fireclay Tile

A familiar pattern gets a bold look in these eco-friendly ceramic tiles. More

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Kauri , Emil Ceramica

These eye-catching tiles mimic the timeless beauty of fossilized wood. More

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Edelman Leather Herringbone floor and wall tiles

Edelman Leather's wall or floor tiles are colored with eco-friendly vegetable dyes. More

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Origins Collections by Forrest Lesch-Middelton from Cle Tile

Custom tiles from California potter Forrest Lesch Middelton. More

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