Solar Power

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Applications for Builders from the 2015 Solar Decathlon

The U.S. Department of Energy’s 2015 Solar Decathlon showcased innovations in... More

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SURE House: Sustainable and Resilient

The 2015 Solar Decathlon team from Stevens Institute of Technology wanted their... More

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GRoW Home: Merging Greenhouse and Home

Designed with the urban gardener in mind, GRoW Home from the University at Buffalo... More

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NexusHaus: A Modular Design Addressing Density

The main focus for students from 2015 Solar Decathlon Team Texas/Germany was... More

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A Luxury, Solar-Powered Eco-Resort

This desert retreat located in the southern region of the United Arab Emirates is... More

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Researchers at the Ohio State University Develop a Solar-Powered Battery

The hybrid device can store nearly all of the power it harnesses thanks to a direct connection between its mesh solar cell and lithium-ion battery. More

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Q+A: Ajaita Shah Gives Power to Those in Need

The CEO and founder of Frontier Markets is behind India's thriving and localized... More

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A New Fabrication Method for Spray-On Solar Cells

Researchers at the University of Sheffield developed perovskite-based spray-on... More

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Soft House, designed by Kennedy & Violich Architecture

This complex of four performative row houses in Hamburg, Germany, designed by... More

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