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The Mid-America Science Museum Treehouse

Supported by a complex array of slender steel-pipe columns, the popular stop along... More

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Grand Sequoia Shingles, GAF

Attain the look of wood shingles without the high price tag. More

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Problem-Solving Perennials for Green Roofs

By now, many architects can tout the benefits of green roofs, but few know which plants are actually suitable for topping buildings. Here's a guide to help you know your options, to aid you in enhancing your building design. More

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History Buff

Preservation and place in Charleston More

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Exteriors Product Showcase

Add panache to your next project’s exterior with energy-efficient windows, roof shingles that also generate power, waterproof mosaic tiles, and long-lasting, rot-resistant siding with a sophisticated look. More

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10 Cool Product Finds from PCBC 2012

The California-based housing show, going on this week, offers a peak at some innovative new offerings. Here's what caught our eye. More

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Solar-Integrated Roofing Makes a Splash

New roofing helps solar panels hide in plain sight. More

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Product Pros and Cons: Asphalt Roofing vs. Metal weaetxdyvaydzcwq

Asphalt dominates, but which material is right for your homes? More

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Philadelphia Adopts Cool-Roof Law

City will work with Dow Chemical to retrofit an entire city block of 39 homes. More

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Green Piece

The temperature atop Chicago’s City Hall building on an average summer day is usually 14 degrees to 44 degrees cooler than the county office building across the street. The reason: the county building has a typical black-tar roof, while City Hall has a green roof planted with grass, plants, and flowers. The idea of planting grass or other vegetation on the roof of a building or house may seem like a holdover from the ’60s counterculture movement, but proponents say such roofing systems are the solution to a wealth of environmental problems plaguing cities and jurisdictions across the country. More

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