Public Housing

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Redesigning Lathrop

The Chicago Housing Authority is transforming one of its oldest projects into a... More

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The Housing Deficit

If Ben Carson survives the Jan. 12 confirmation hearings and becomes HUD secretary... More

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President-Elect Donald Trump Picks Ben Carson to Head HUD

"I feel that I can make a significant contribution particularly by strengthening... More

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Study: Millennials' Impact on Workplace Design and Urban Planning

A new report reveals how companies are changing their space design and site selection to accommodate young professionals. More

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New Affordable and Veterans Housing Project by Sorg Architects

An under-construction housing project in Washington, D.C., designed by Sorg... More

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National Design Services Act Introduced in Congress to Assist with Architecture Student Loans

The bi-partisan legislation, proposed by the AIA and the AIAS, would assist in... More

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Proposals to Reduce San Francisco's Housing Costs

Housing prices in the Bay Area have skyrocketed due to rapid growth and the rise... More

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Urban Planner David Dixon On What the Industry Learned About Recovery From Post-Katrina New Orleans

From the bureaucracy to the grass roots to "hard resilience," David Dixon compares... More

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