Laboratory Projects

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GE’s FirstBuild Announces New Fabrication Lab and Products

A smart water pitcher and a barcode-scanning oven are among the first appliances... More

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Nest Leads the Launch of a New Internet Protocol for Home Automation

A group of seven manufacturers and developers has announced an open networking... More

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LACMA Selects Five Recipients for its Inaugural Art + Technology Lab Grant Awards

To support the intersection of—you guessed it—art and technology, the Los Angeles... More

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3D Printing and Scanning for the People

Libraries are becoming hot spots not only for fostering community, but also for 3D... More

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Recent Discoveries in Material Science

Scientists determine carbyne and stanene to be the world’s strongest and most... More

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No Mere Fabrication

Technique and expression on the digital frontier. More

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Scalable and Sound

Cities pay dividends, but only if we pay attention to the data. More

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Ghost Architectural Laboratory

Upper Kingsburg, Nova Scotia / MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects Limited More

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