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The Housing Deficit

If Ben Carson survives the Jan. 12 confirmation hearings and becomes HUD secretary... More

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President-Elect Donald Trump Picks Ben Carson to Head HUD

"I feel that I can make a significant contribution particularly by strengthening... More

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The Ambitious But Flawed "House Housing"

An exhibit at the Center for Architecture in New York explores the history behind... More

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Will Your Project Happen? UC Berkeley Has an App for That

The Terner Center for Housing Innovation recently launched a web-based calculator... More

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All Grown up and Nowhere to Go

Millennials are finally entering the housing market. Unfortunately, inventory is... More

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Baby Boomers Ready to Remodel

The baby boomer generation is again poised to impact the housing market, this time with the full thrust of its punch intertwined with the financial solvency of its members’ kids. More

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HUD Announces 2011 Sustainable Communities Grants

The department has awarded $96 million in planning grants aimed at encouraging economic viability with sustainable growth. More

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New Homes in 2015 Will Be Smaller, With a Touch of Green

Architects and builders think new homes will continue to shrink under the driving... More

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Grants Awarded for Research Into How Housing Affects Children

The MacArthur Foundation selected 13 organizations for grants totalling $6 million as part of its "How Housing Matters to Families and Communities" program. More

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