Geothermal Systems

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Honda Open Sources Smart-Home Design

The auto and equipment maker releases nearly all of its “smart home” plans to the... More

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EHDA Merit Award: Kohler Residence

Milwaukee straw-bale project blurs the lines between modern and traditional with an added touch of whimsy. More

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Case Study: Big Idea in Santa Fe

Ultra-efficient demonstration home proves that low-impact living can be a high-end experience. More

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High Temperature Geothermal Heat Pump

This new unit from WaterFurnace delivers water at 150 degrees fahrenheit, hot enough for use with existing radiators and baseboard convectors. More

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Net-Zero-Energy Living on a Budget

High-performance insulation and air sealing are crucial to building an affordable net-zero home. More

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high-design, low-impact house wins multiple awards

A couple's family homestead sets an example of net-zero energy performance in the... More

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going green, affordably

Say green design, and what comes to mind are geothermal heat pumps, tankless hot water heaters, and roofs that plug into the sun. The most recognizable green features are also the priciest, and sustainable design is still viewed as an upgrade that only the well-off can afford. While there's some truth in that perception, the reality is changing as low-income housing developers join the party. More

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warm ways

are alternative heating technologies really better than conventional systems? More

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big and green

green building is booming, but until homeowners are ready to embrace the... More

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