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EcoRock Solid

ecorock solid - Like concrete and glass, drywall has high embodied energy, says Steve Weiss, of Sunnyvale, Calif.-based drywall manufacturer Serious Materials. More

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posts on the wall

National Gypsum Co. has launched a website for building professionals that... More

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special forces

Gypsum wallboard is one of the unsung heroes of the architectural world. It's lightweight, easy to install, and adapts to almost any design. Best of all, it's economical. No wonder, then, that wallboard is used in almost all new construction single- and m More

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upward mobility

The Washington, D.C.-based Gypsum Association estimates that at least 90 percent of all new and remodeled homes are constructed with gypsum interior walls. Considering the material's design versatility, easy installation, and relatively low cost, it's not More

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good cover

shope reno wharton associates: Temple-Inland's eco-friendly 95-to-99-percent recycled content drywall offers the same price and performance as normal drywall, according to architect Allan Shope. More

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quiet time

It goes without saying that doing an attached multifamily project is a world apart... More

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