Distressed Assets

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Foreclosures to Rentals: The Marketplace at Work

There may well be more elegant, less painful ways to keep houses occupied and roofs over people's heads, but investors buying up foreclosed properties and renting them out will probably play a large role in cycling distressed properties back into the system. More

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Podcast: Young Americans and Home Ownership

If you had told me five years ago that in 2012 real estate prices would be down by a third and mortgages would be scraping the 3 percent mark, I’d have thought you were nuts. More

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The New Normal, part 1

Ownership and equity are about more than square footage in today's home. They're about design's value and process, too. More

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Most Americans Aren’t Expecting a Quick Housing Recovery

RealtyTrac/Trulia survey finds that more than half of those polled last month don’t anticipate any major improvement until 2014 or later. More

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ULI Panel Offers Inside Look at FDIC’s Distressed-Asset Deals

Starwood CEO: “They gave us the time to do the right thing by the assets.” More

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