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Urban Planning, Health, and Happiness

It may be going too far to pin the blame for obesity, depression, and the... More

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Porchscapes, Fayetteville, Ark.

Parks—not pipes. That was the rallying call behind Porchscapes, where a series of water treatment parks is the connective tissue for an entire low-income community. More

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new spaces, old places

Brand-new suburban developments often lack the soul of established neighborhoods, which is why these older communities are perfect locations for architects to insert new projects. Many are doing just that, but instead of imposing their egos, architects ar More

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danielson grove, kirkland, wash.

Ross Chapin Architects, Langley, Wash. This modest “pocket” development shows production housing in a whole new light. It marries “plan and design in a good way,” said one judge. “It's not just about the appearance of architecture—it's about culture.” More

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bougainvillea courtyard homes, vero beach, fla.

These four Spanish colonial homes differ dramatically from their 1970s-style ranch neighbors, but thanks to careful planning and simple massing they blend right in. Our judges noticed, with appreciation, “the real thought” given to the project. More

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barrio metalico, tucson, ariz.

These nine homes were conceived as idiosyncratic, low-budget specials to jump-start a mixed-use neighborhood while the architects worked on an adjacent three-year conversion of an old icehouse into lofts. More

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eye of the storm

Scott Merrill, AIA, knows something about storms. Toiling in hurricane alley while building out the New Urbanist communities of Seaside and now Windsor in Vero Beach, Fla, has cemented Merrill's practical side. His first design objective is to protect the occupants of his houses and secure their investment in them. Read on to find out how Merrill, Pastor & Colgan are rethinking our best-loved houses. More

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where will the loft-lovers live?

"Name one new modern subdivision. I'll bet you can't." That was the challenge from our cover guy, Rodney Friedman, FAIA, a former leader among cutting-edge merchant-housing designers. More

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Good Neighborhood Policy

You probably think you could design something better with your good hand tied behind your back. Well, why don't you? More

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