Customer Satisfaction

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With Women in Mind: Tailoring the Customer Experience for Female Clients

Communicating design ideas to female clients using the Woman-Centric Matters program to better understand what women want from their home remodel. More

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work on your welcome

Do potential clients turn away before they reach your door? More

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the question of style

Matching up aesthetic ideals between client and architect has never been easier, thanks to Google. By checking out a firm's Web site, clients can tell at a glance whether they're on the same wavelength-and if not, no harm done. Homeowners have their pick of architects who are well-versed in their vision of paradise, whether it's an ivy-covered cottage or a vernacular post-and-beam house. However, even in the most compatible of professional relationships, differences of opinion crop up in the myriad decisions that go into designing a home. More

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tranquility zone

Most architects are lucky to find a client with a little design knowledge or... More

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martin luther king jr. plaza, philadelphia

Tom Gallas remembers the first meeting he had with the residents of Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza, a set of high-rise public housing towers in South Philadelphia. More

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this story isn't about you

Surely, the experienced and talented architect would have no problem succeeding at this fairly basic assignment. More

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