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14 townhouses, brooklyn, n.y.

Architects Robert Rogers, FAIA, and Jonathan Marvel, AIA, set an ambitious goal when designing this 14-unit townhouse project in Brooklyn, N.Y. More

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two townhouses

five firms foray into residential development in five different ways. they share the bumps and boons along the road. More

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the 505, houston

Collaborative Designworks, Houston. James M. Evans, AIA, never set out to be a developer. But when the Houston-based architect and his wife, Catherine, couldn't find a house that appealed to them, he decided the only way to get what they wanted was to cre More

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eastern market row house, washington, d.c.

The glass volume in this Washington, D.C., row house immediately calls to mind the famous quip that God is in the details. More

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phillips row, washington, d.c.

The transformation of a forlorn school building into a sparkling complex of 14 single-family homes earned Suman Sorg, FAIA, high marks from judges. They admired her careful use of 19th-century proportions and the way the new Phillips Row houses fit seamlessly into a historic Georgetown neighborhood. More

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eleventh avenue townhomes, escondido, calif.

John Sheehan and Eric Naslund, AIA, of Studio E Architects in San Diego, set out to do something different with this 16-unit affordable community in Escondido, Calif. More

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