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  • The Great Exchange

    In the right environment, architects can do better wotk together than by themselves.


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  • Hall of Fame: George Suyama

    Since opening his firm in 1971, George Suyama has become known for tranquil houses that blend seamlessly with nature and the land.


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  • Barlis Wedlick Meet the Present With Presence

    Alan Barlis and Dennis Wedlick's new book illustrates the breadth of their firm's range and the depth of their fluency.

  • Salutation for Sale

    A masterpiece designed by Britain’s last great country house architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens, can be yours for only $7 million.

  • Reach for the Sun

    A guide to understanding photovoltaic systems for residential applications.

  • Vitra Campus Renzo Piano Pavillion

    Think Small

    The newest addition to Vitra's famous campus is a tiny prototype from an architect known for very large projects.

  • Shifting Perspective

    After spending time in New Orleans helping Lower Ninth Ward residents rebuild their homes, Dwyer moved back to Minneapolis.

  • All’s Well That Trends Well

    Architects are reporting more work on the boards and more calls from potential clients. Some even dare to call themselves “busy.”

  • Lighting the Way

    This Portland, Me.–based architect discovered the HK Lighting ZX20 Series five years ago.

  • Off the Cuff

    Designing an upscale L.A. jewelry store inspired Marmol-Radziner to create its own pieces.