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    Talking Points

    Architects are trained to use esoteric language to establish their authority. But to get things built they need to both inspire people and put them at ease.




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  • Patterned After

    Taken from the architecture firm's own patterns on gates, curtainwalls, interior walls and more, the patterns on Arquitectonica's newest line of scarves and ties are a stylish way to wear your architecture on your sleeve.

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    Case Study

    The newest monograph from New York firm Robert A.M. Stern Architects defies the traditional monograph form and invites readers to see details, and evidence of its broad portfolio, rather then whole projects.

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    Embracing the Future

    What we need are some compelling reasons in our arsenal to convince people to go ahead and build that dream house. Here are a few of those reasons.

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    A Lasting Impression

    Christopher Rose picks a faux finish that can look and perform better than the real thing.

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    Alley Man

    Daniel Toole, Assoc. AIA, has written a book, Tight Urbanism, that looks at the use of alleys in urban design.

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    LivingHomes' Green, Prefab CK Series

    LivingHomes has introduced a series of LEED-Platinum prefab homes from $145 per square foot.

  • Audrey Matlock Architect

    Matlock has a keen eye for the texture of a neighborhood, the contour of a landscape, and the poetry of exposed super-structure.

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    Adaptive Reuse: The Majestic

    An apartment conversion in Australia breathes new life into a former theater and roller rink.

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    Adaptive Reuse: Lantern House

    An architect couple transforms an old stable into a home for themselves.

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    Adaptive Reuse: God's Loft

    A Dutch couple transforms a church into their own residence.

  • The 34-unit, mixed-use buildings rainscreen system consists of wood half-rounds and full rounds. Their curvature lends an even more dynamic quality to the undulating façade.


    A San Francisco multifamily building abstracts the city's traditional bay windows.

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    Green Gables

    Green roofs can help restablish habitats that residential construction have disturbed.