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    watershed moment

    The winning house at the Solar Decathlon shows that the built environment can help preserve watersheds.

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    garden cities

    Carrot City, a new book from The Monacelli Press, examines the ways in which urban food production can enrich our cities.



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    Preservation’s Prime Time

    Past, present, and future are not mutually exclusive conditions.

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    Waste Not

    Nothing focuses America's creative energy like a crisis.

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    High Plains Help

    North Dakota's oil-boom housing crisis calls for community, not quick fixes.


green piece

  • This home has south-facing glass doors with sliding metal sunscreens that reduce glare and heat gain.

    real simple

    Low-tech sustainable solutions help a St. Peters, Minn., home achieve LEED Gold.


k+b studio


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    Block Party

    A Venice, Calif., bath defines spaces with three-dimensional elements rather than simple walls.



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    Season Opener

    A Venice, Calif., kitchen offers space, light, and effortless access to outdoor living.



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    enduring glow

    An intricate mesh of fiberglass and resin, the updated Random Light pendant holds a warm white LED rated to last 50,000 hours.

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    wild side

    Custom-carved from mesquite, the wane edge on the front of this bar top with an integrated mesquite sink bowl adds a rustic touch.

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    high wire

    The 1/8-inch cables and minimal frames of the Clearview cable rail system are unobtrusive and contemporary.



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    loan rangers

    How architects are navigating today's precipitous lending landscape.


residential architect leadership awards

hall of fame

  • Will Bruders lifelong immersion in architecture informs an approach to practice marked by deep respect for the design process, an ageless joy in making things, and the conviction that ¬we work because of our clients, not in spite of our clients.®

    Hall of Fame: Will Bruder, AIA

    After more than five decades spent steeped in architecture, Will Bruder is one of the profession's truest of true believers.


top firm

rising star

shelter lab

  • The Solar Decathlon version of Empowerhouse.

    empower to the people

    A project entered in the Solar Decathlon will be moved to a Washington, D.C. neighborhood to become a net-zero energy, Habitat for Humanity duplex.



new material

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    designer drainage

    These designer shower grids offer six architectural patterns.

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    range rover

    The Pro Grand Steam Range offers seven cooking options.

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    giving tanks

    EcoTough tankless water heater is about 10 points higher than a conventional tankless heater.

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    ooh la la

    Chateau Series range is available in more than 8,000 configurations.

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    wash out

    This outdoor dishwasher may be the first of its kind on the market.

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    drain game

    These permeable pavers incorporate 40 percent recycled material.