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  • rescue housing

    Should we care about form when the need for function looms so large?


home front

  • Jiyoun Kims Woven Shelter tied for first place in the AIA Young Architects Forum Ideas Competition.

    extended relief

    Three architects offer new models for temporary housing.

  • The SunShower SSIP house, designed by Judith Kinnard and Tiffany Lin.

    home safe

    SunShower is a disaster relief house that can resist severe weather.

  • Shelter Series panelized homes are versatile enough for affordable housing but also can be used as disaster relief structures.

    small comfort

    The Shelter Series of panelized houses has applications for disaster relief.




Other Articles

  • Port au Prince (Haiti), Architect Stacey McMahan. Andrés Martnez Casares

    Lessons from Haiti

    Stacey McMahan, the American Institute of Architects U.S. Green Building Council Architecture for Humanity Sustainable Design Fellow, on rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

  • All the Right Moves

    Special No.9 House aims to change the future of sustainable prefab


green piece

  • Green roofs and unfinished wood siding allow the buildings to recede into the landscape.

    north light

    Designed by the Netherlands firm ArchitectenConsort, this new housing development in southern Sweden aims to create both sustainable buildings and a sustainable community life.


k+b studio


  • In the southwest corner, an oval tub sits in a steel frame with a laser-cut pattern resembling vine runners, which is repeated on the valances.

    boundary issues

    This renovated ranch house bath takes full advantage of its private, wooded site.



  • New clerestories bring natural light into the kitchen, and radiant-heated terrazzo floors provide even warmth.

    culinary craft

    The kitchen of this 1950s ranch house is reborn by updating some of its original features and adding custom-fabricated surfaces.



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    good egg

    The Cone Egg Pendant by jGoodDesign is hand-blown and sandblasted to add light and character to the room.

  • Image

    french impression

    The Marron Glace line of cabinetry, cut from walnut and accented with glass shelves, is named after a French delicacy: glazed chesnuts.



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    interior monologues

    Sometimes the question of whether to remodel or rebuild isn't an easy one, but it's one architects frequently address.



shelter lab

  • One massing option on RightFrame, shown in Modern style.

    a new order

    Matthew Berman and Andrew Kotchen of workshop/apd envision a simpler, more sophisticated process for customized residential design.


doctor spec

  • Modern-style buildings with their angular planes and simple construction lend themselves nicely to panelized systems, manufacturers say.

    choice cuts

    Is panelization the future of residential construction?



new material

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    industrial revolution

    Brooklyn Collection is inspired by mid-century gate valves.

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    new perspective

    ColorTouch allows slideshows and screensavers.

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    flat line

    The Conoflat shower tray is slim enough to sit level with a bathroom floor.

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    light fare

    GE's hybrid light bulb combines halogen and compact fluorescent technology.

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    birth of the cool

    CalStar eco-bricks require 85 percent less energy to produce.

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    veneer vent

    Mortairvent RFI allows masonry cavity walls to breathe.