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home front

  • making a scene

    San Francisco-based landscape architect Andrea Cochran, FASLA, has built a reputation for composing poetic and sometimes whimsical landscapes and gardens.

  • filming julius shulman

    The late Julius Shulman's architectural photos—and his life story, for that matter—possess an indisputably cinematic quality. Now that camera-ready essence is captured in an actual movie, the award-winning documentary VISUAL ACOUSTICS.

  • experiencing architecture

    The Landmark Trust has long made it possible for devotees of Britain's traditional architecture to rent historic homes by the week. Soon the public will have a similar opportunity to experience top-flight contemporary homes.


green pieces

  • rock solid

    Roxul ComfortBatt, a stone wool exterior wall insulation made from basalt rock and recycled slag, is now available in the U.S. market.

  • posts on the wall

    National Gypsum Co. has launched a website for building professionals that explains the green components of its products.

  • old kentucky-honed

    Bourbon Boards specializes in salvaged building products from decommissioned commercial structures.

  • town architect

    Anyone strolling past the new Portland, Maine, office of Richard Renner | Architects can see there's something going on here.


k+b studio


  • the chameleon

    The context of its setting—an 18th-century barn renovated as a residence—makes this modern master bath look more modern still.



  • short order

    This pint-sized space presented architect Brandon Pace, AIA, LEED AP, with an outsized challenge: design a functional, comfortable, and stylish kitchen in the volume many new houses would devote to a walk-in closet.



  • reaching out

    Good professional advice is often elusive. It might come from a trusted mentor, a members-only round table, or an informal group of savvy peers, but you have to make the effort to go out and find it.



  • terra firma

    Bill Mackey, RA, and his wife, Rachel Yaseen, are true urbanists. The Tucson, Ariz., residents don't own a car, preferring instead to walk or to get around on bicycles or via a golf cart—which, apparently, is street-legal there.

  • garden variety

    For Andrew Curtis, LEED AP, and Sophie Robitaille, RLA, ASLA, a Philadelphia renovation was the ultimate test of their relationship. The husband-and-wife team weren't married at the time, and this was their first collaborative project for a client.

  • internal logic

    “The only lots left to build on in San Francisco are these impossible lots that nobody can build on,” says architect Craig Steely. Well, almost nobody.


shelter lab

  • space savvy

    Michael Fifield, AIA, principal of Fifield Architecture + Urban Design in Eugene, Ore., believes true sustainable design must address the problem of land consumption.



new material

  • oh, what a light

    Designed specifically for low-voltage systems, the Lumière Cambria 203 LED allows halogen and LED fixtures to be integrated on the same 12-volt circuit.

  • teak performance

    These teak deck tiles from Dallas-based East Teak Fine Hardwoods can be used to retrofit an old stone patio or to create a completely new deck area.

  • burn notice

    Spark, the manufacturer of unconventional modern gas fireplaces, now offers a burner system–dubbed the Linear Burner System Outdoor–that allows architects to bring the same styling outdoors.

  • bench warmer–web-extra!

    The Palisade bench brings a warm, angular look to exterior projects. Kalamazoo, Mich.-based Landscape Forms crafts the bench from blocks of solid jarrah or redwood fastened with internal steel rods.

  • wabi-sabi–web-extra!

    Stone Forest says stone basins date back to Shinto shrines, where they held water for ritual cleansing.

  • out of this world–web-extra!

    The SS510 Series is a line of stainless steel lights designed for underwater applications.

  • great outdoors–web-extra!

    Wallingford, Conn.-based Danver says its stainless steel outdoor cabinets are engineered to withstand the weather.



  • wa design

    Ten years ago, David Stark Wilson jumped at the chance to purchase a tiny parcel of land at the industrial western edge of his Berkeley, Calif., hometown. Since then his five-person firm, WA Design, has designed and built three structures on the roughly 0.4-acre site, each time relocating into its...