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  • a disservice to the house

    Everyone is lamenting the deflation of the housing bubble. But there''s at least one bright side to its departure.



  • architects talk back

    Readers react to November/December 2008 editorial, "What Plays in Peoria."


green pieces

  • stout choice

  • dri run

  • pulp faction

  • clean intelligence

  • asking for a rais

  • Q Tip

  • Nice Treads

  • Raw Hide

  • Get Your Fiber

  • skin tight

    Stone Forest sinks are made from bamboo's hard outer skin, which is then laminated, the sink is both lightweight and durable, the maker says.

  • Nu Options

    Nu Green has earned a Chain-of-Custody certificate from the Forest Stewardship Council, signifying that its raw materials were handled in an eco-friendly manner from forest to end product.

  • great dane

    Designed by architect Knud Kapper for Denmark-based Hansen Living, Living Kitchen Architecture is an eco-friendly collection of solid wood cabinets and islands.

  • for your amusement

    Amuse is the latest addition to Waterfall's environmentally sensitive bath vanity line.

  • green pieces

    Sleek, strong, and sustainable describe the flexible kitchen systems from Bazzèo. Customizable cabinets, drawers, and storage pieces are crafted from rapidly renewable and recycled materials, including wheatboard, aluminum, stainless steel, and certified woods finished with wood veneers, aluminum...

  • Green Pieces

    ecorock solid - Like concrete and glass, drywall has high embodied energy, says Steve Weiss, of Sunnyvale, Calif.-based drywall manufacturer Serious Materials.

  • Teak Performance

    Dallas-based East Teak offers teak lumber in a variety of dimensions.


architects' choice

  • waste watchers

    Levitt Goodman Architects: Baleboard plastic lumber is manufactured from 100 percent recycled industrial waste, making it less vulnerable to the elements than real wood.

  • tube tops

    Levitt Goodman Architects: The Castor Recycled Tube Light has a tongue-in-cheek design but is all business.

  • all the news that fits

    Kuklinski and Rappe Architects: Nu-Wool claims WALLSEAL—an engineered spray-in cellulose insulation made of recycled newsprint—completely fills cavities to eliminate air infiltration.

  • star 69

    Kuklinski+Rappe Architects: Normann Copenhagen's Norm 69 pendant is thrifty and elegant.

  • door score

    Banducci Associates Architects: Clopay's Avante Collection are made with 2 1/8-inch frames in custom sizes.

  • all that glass

    Banducci Associates Architects: Oceanside Glasstile's Tessera are made from silica sand and, in some cases, post-consumer recycled bottle glass.

  • lighten up

    Swatt Architects: Concreteworks Studio's concrete countertops and bathtubs are embedded with fiber optics that are invisible during the day and glow at night.

  • solid opening

    Swatt Architects: To promote "continuity from interior to exterior," Swatt specs large aluminum openings from Fleetwood, as he did on this home.



new material

  • the hole truth

    Georgia-Pacific Wood Products says the XJ 85 prefabricated joist has strategically placed openings that allow contractors to install plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems.

  • star turn

    Gas range from BlueStar Residential Nova Burner line is a true restaurant-style product for the home.

  • industrious design

    Architects have long ventured into the world of product design, resulting in such wildly successful pieces as the Vola faucet line and the LC4 chaise. That design spirit continues at Brooklyn, N.Y.-based 4pli.

  • gehry grab

    Two illustrious names in architecture—Frank Gehry, FAIA, and Valli&Valli—have teamed up to deliver door hardware worthy of display in your next high-end house.

  • big beauty

    Large-format tile collection's basic model measures nearly 3 feet square, and the largest is almost 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall.

  • snack size

    Stainless steel 15-inch-wide refrigerator drawers—touted by the manufacturer as the world's first—are well-suited for lofts, wet bars, master suites, and any compact space.

  • clean silhouette

    Protruding a mere ½ inch from the ceiling, smoke alarm from Kidde delivers innovative technology, via an ionization sensor, in a stylish package.

  • show hide

    Turnstyle Designs feature drum-dyed, bridle leather-wrapped door levers and pulls.

  • solid heat

    Evo's Affinity 30G solid ceramic or nickel-coated steel cooking surface has sleek style and versatile capabilities.

  • casement study

    Marvin's Ultimate Replacement Casement window rotates inward, making it possible to wash both sides of the glass from the interior of the home.

  • urbane league

    Robert A.M. Stern, FAIA, says his new line of tiles for Crossville provided him “an opportunity to reinvent one of architecture's most time-honored components—decorative tiling.”

  • steam players

    Whirlpool has incorporated steam functions into its Duet washer and dryer for added cleaning power using less water and energy.

  • liquid fire

    EcoSmart's Fusion fireplace burns denatured ethanol made from agricultural products such as sugarcane, potatoes, bananas, and beetroot.

  • essential minerals

    The company handcrafts the flat and satin interior paints from environmentally safe binders and the same mineral pigments used by Corbu.

  • easy fit

    JACLO's Renovator is a simple, yet ingenious and cost-effective system for retrofitting an old shower.

  • line item

    Among Ludwig Wittgenstein's handiwork was this 5.46-inch-long handle, recreated by TECNOLINE and distributed by Los Angeles-based Masters of Modernism.

  • light cargo

    New York City-based Urban Archaeology reproduced the Cargo pendant from an original found on a 1910 fishing boat.

  • how the west was won

    JELD-WEN has reclaimed many of these throwaway trees to manufacture interior and exterior doors as part of its IWP Custom Wood Estate Collection.

  • discriminating taste

    To say architects love details is an understatement. Perhaps that's why they flock to brands that share the same mania for minutiae. One such brand is Henrybuilt.

  • cover art

    Clear or frosted weather- and UV-resistant acrylic snaps to a stainless steel frame in this sleek Lightline canopy from Feeney.

  • desk job

    Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Atlas Industries says its ad6 desk is ideal for an architect's office.

  • aqua recliner

    Rich wood gives the Agata a stylish furniture look, and integrated neck pillows and a generous depth make it feel like a comfy recliner.

  • occidental tourist

    Ornamentation is welcomed in certain applications. This Eastlake interior door knob—a popular late 1800s design that was a fixture of the 1897 Sears catalog—proves it.

  • heaven-sent

    Glass artisan Steve Weinstock, of Alchemy Glass & Light, found inspiration for his Celestial Series of sinks in the iconic work of artist Jasper Johns.

  • disappearing acts

    NanaWall's new HSW50 individual panel sliding system makes traditional walls virtually unnecessary.

  • wowzer, houzer

    HOUZER's Novus Series offers everything plus the kitchen sink, fusing good looks with great function.

  • Modern Medley

    Franke has combined work surfaces of tempered glass with stainless steel bowls for hip, easy-to-clean kitchen sinks.

  • Good Outlet

    The shower drain need not be an afterthought. With California Faucets' StyleDrain, it becomes yet another opportunity for design expression.

  • Edwardian Dandy

    English luxury brand Czech & Speake created the Edwardian Furniture Collection to complement its period bath faucets and accessories of similar design.

  • Kao Facto

    Add illuminated drama to walls or ceilings with the Kao light sculpture. Designed by Bruno Houssin for Artemide, the aluminum fixture has linear forms that cast an ambient glow projecting about 1½ inches from its mounted surface.

  • Keys to the Castle

    Julia Morgan's iconic architecture for the renowned Hearst estate inspired Sóko's Hearst Castle Collection of hardware.

  • new b

    Starting at $18,000 (with many systems averaging $35,000), b1 would be considered pricey in some circles, but when compared to the company's signature b3 collection (which costs 35 percent to 40 percent more), it's a steal.

  • lotus blossoms

    The suave aluminum shell of the LOTUS luminaire isn't just another pretty exterior.

  • Modern Classic

    When Viking Range Corp. bought St. Charles Cabinetry—a favorite of Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe—it gave the brand's all-metal products new engineering.


architects' choice

  • Tex Mix

    Rob Paulus Architect: Mix Phifertex fabric panels with run-of-the-mill turnbuckles and eyebolts to create sunscreens and other architectural wonders.

  • On Guard

    Rob Paulus Architect: Tampa, Fla.-based McNichols specializes in lightweight perforated metal panels that are suitable for many architectural applications.

  • Driven To Xcell

    Rockhill and Associates: Xcell spray-in cellulose is used in lieu of fiberglass to prevent air leakage more effectively than conventional insulation.

  • ground control

    Rockhill and Associates: ECO-TERR's StabiliGrid ground-reinforcement system, manufactured from recycled polyethylene, mitigates stormwater runoff.


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