from the editor

  • fitting in

    In many parts of the country, we're running out of buildable land for single-family housing. The solution in my neck of the woods is the teardown or infill house.


home front

  • on the boards: skin deep

    While architects Jim Brown, AIA, and Jim Gates specialize in designing buildings, they also enjoy creating and studying public art.

  • chez boomers

    We've heard a lot about baby boomers in the last decade or so, usually accompanied by phrases like “800-pound gorilla.” No wonder experts have been analyzing the weighty impact of this group in all arenas of modern life.


k+b studio


  • work out

    Incorporating commercial trends in the home kitchen is one thing, but Adamstein and Demetriou didn't stop there.



  • work in

    Theo Adamstein and Olvia Demetriou, FAIA, are the go-to architects for designing chic new restaurants in Washington, D.C., and environs.



  • the urban window

    working within city limits, contemporary designers devise a fresh response to context.



  • on thin ice?

    It's been a little over a year since the housing market hit the skids. The U.S. Census Bureau marked November 2005 as the beginning of the slide, and throughout 2006 new-home sales steadily lost ground, dropping about 20 percent nationwide.



  • man about town

    Alexander Gorlin, FAIA, is a multifaceted architect with a range that has taken him from classical country villas to modernist urban houses, from affordable housing to luxury high-rises and on to offices, schools, synagogues—even to whimsical guard booths



  • true grit

    “New York is just one big case of mixed-use integration,” says Caleb Crawford, LEED AP. And thus, this conversion of a former manufacturing warehouse into a duplex simply followed a natural progression.

  • side by side

    Developers are often accused of myopia—of ignoring how their projects relate to the community at large. Geoffrey T. Prentiss, AIA, was not about to make that mistake for this small residential/commercial project near downtown Seattle, in the largely resid

  • southside story

    Chattanooga, Tenn., has attracted global attention for its ongoing downtown revitalization. Support from the local political, business, and nonprofit communities has helped fuel the city's turnaround. But small infill buildings like this artists' studio,


doctor spec

  • master glass

    Whitney Sander's house is located on a 28-foot-by-90-foot lot in a dense Venice, Calif., neighborhood. Its three-foot setback means the architect can stand in his house and seemingly shake his neighbor's hand, and yet, he somehow managed to design light-f



new material

architects' choice

  • dream coat

    Duron Paints & Wallcoverings: Duron's line of 100 percent acrylic exterior paints includes Weathershield and Signature Lifetime, an ultra-premium coating with self-priming capabilities.

  • pièce de résistance

    Fypon: Wood is great for exterior trim, but Mother Nature can wreak havoc on its structural integrity. So Anderson opts for Fypon polyurethane molding instead, calling it “an economical solution for trimwork,” particularly in historic districts.

  • inside moves

    Unico: With Unico's miniduct system, architects can retrofit old houses with contemporary heating and cooling systems without destroying their original craftsmanship.


off the shelf

  • serenity now

    Top off that compact high-end range with a similarly small, albeit chic, ventilation hood from Zephyr's Elica Collection.

  • surface charm

    For those who like it hot, the Viking professional series of gas companion ranges can be outfitted with a single wok top featuring a 27,500 BTU burner.

  • high five

    Gastronomes can conquer their small kitchens with FiveStar's commercial-strength 24-inch range, which fits flush with standard countertops and cabinetry for sleek lines.

  • free range

    Aga's Companion freestanding range brings classic style and ferrous strength to the table. At just 24 inches wide, the dual-fuel range offers the speed of convection, plus a conventional compartment with an integral broiler.

  • chef's choice

    The Vario 200 Series of modular appliances from Gaggenau allows adventurous chefs with limited workspaces to mix it up at will.

  • portion control

    Miele's KM400 Series Combisets merge gas and electric cooking options for versatility. The identical width and depth of each modular unit (11 3/8 inches by 20 ¼ inches) enables a symmetrical assembly of mix-and-match parts.



  • sheahan + quandt architects

    The airy studio “is a gallery for our work,” he explains, “as well as somewhere we can spread out and build models.”