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  • home of the brave?

    We may be the land of the free and the home of the brave, but we're not very free or very brave when it comes to designing our homes.


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  • on the boards / tropical modern

    At first glance, this minimalist house in Juba, Sudan, looks like it could slip into any design-conscious Los Angeles neighborhood. But its boxy volumes, open-air courtyards, and natural materials are designed for a very different cultural context.

  • domestic tranquility

    One of the few prominent women architects in Norway during the last century, Wenche Selmer came of age during the post–World War II reconstruction boom.

  • movable beast

    Toronto-based Sustain Design Studio first envisioned the miniHome as an off-the-grid house, but building code and zoning constraints ushered the firm in a different direction.

  • cultural exchange

    Scott Allen, AIA, couldn't resist the chance to work on the Zhongkai Sheshan Villas, an on-the-boards residential development in the suburbs of Shanghai, China.


k+b studio


  • austerity powers

    Normally, Kogan would have extended the rich wood floors from the rest of the house into the master bathroom, “but in this case,” he says, “the clients wanted sterile and extreme.” What they got was a polished, durable oasis of white Brazilian marble that nearly blankets the room without...



  • brazilia familiar

    São Paulo, Brazil, native Márcio Kogan loves the cacophony of his hometown. The spirit of diversity that permeates this South American city allows the architect to peddle his unabashedly modern designs without fear of offending anyone. In fact, not a single eyebrow is raised (except in admiration)...



  • casa maya

    where a house commission in honduras goes, adventure follows.



  • good vibes

    Here are 12 tips for a schematic design checklist, adapted from Feng Shui: A Practical Guide for Architects and Designers by Vincent M. Smith and Barbara Lyons Stewart, AIA.

  • original yin

    Vincent M. Smith came to feng shui by way of the theater. A graduate of Harvard College and the Yale Law School, he practiced real estate law for 25 years while spending nights and weekends perfecting his first loves: acting, directing plays, and designing stage sets.



  • embedded architecture

    It seems that countries known for their vast natural landscapes produce architects with an extraordinary sensitivity to site. Think Australia's Glenn Murcutt, whose buildings sit lightly on their fragile ecosystems. Or Brian MacKay-Lyons, FAIA, who's known for plainspoken materials and forms that...


doctor spec

  • outer limits

    Any product junkie knows many innovative developments happen overseas. Another import now making incremental inroads in this country is the ventilated façade—a wall system many architects and building scientists cite as one of the most effective ways to clad a building.



new material

off the shelf

  • fit to be tiled

    new ceramics reign in spain and are anything but plain.


digital home

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