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  • go ahead and break some rules

    a substantial part of an architect's job is to ensure compliance with building codes, zoning regulations, architectural guidelines.


home front

  • urban league

    Homebuilders have long plied their trade in the nation's green-lawned suburbs and exurbs. Now they're turning their gazes to its cities.


k+b studio


  • simply perfect

    Materials in this Houston master bath are not unusual: marble for wet areas, slate floors for slip resistance, and warm walnut cabinetry protected by marine-grade polyurethane. The layout is straightforward: steam shower, soaking tub, and toilet in a row



  • raising L

    The residents of this Palm Desert, Calif., home wanted a kitchen design that would allow them to enjoy their meals al fresco. As grandparents, they also wanted a room where they could stay connected with the grandchildren. Their son, the architect, grante



  • custom for less

    My wife, Sherry, and I had embarked on an experiment: to design and build a 2,800-square-foot custom home on a budget of $50 per square foot (or $300,000, including land costs). Although it seemed idealistic, we considered the task possible if we did some



  • dream teams

    Santa Monica, Calif.-based Pugh + Scarpa calls itself a boutique firm—smallish, creative, and eclectic in the kinds of jobs it likes to take on. Its portfolio includes an array of nationally acclaimed work—from the sculptural Dwell House II and the energy



  • change agent

    Chapin knows that the loose edges of towns, with their mind-numbing mazes of streets, cannot be improved simply by sending out talented architects. Innovative solutions must come from better planning.


architects' choice

  • wide angle

    Tobler Duncker: The Superior TM-4500 by Lennox Hearth Products, a clean-face wood-burning fireplace with a large opening, eliminates the need for costly masonry construction.

  • agri culture

    Tobler Duncker: Copper Sales' metal exterior products' "simple quality serves the modern representation of the ranch/agricultural vernacular."

  • hover craft

    Tobler Duncker: Duravit's Darling wall-mounted toilet, available in five colors, for is simple, well-designed and maximizes space.


doctor spec

  • prodigal sun

    Architects David Arkin, AIA, and Anni Tilt installed a solar system on their northern California home eight years ago, and judging from the results they've seen, there's little doubt they would do it again.



new material

  • sensible sensor

    The Modern Smoke Detector by San Francisco-based Architectural Devices brings good looks to a mundane product.

  • wide by side

    This double-wide refrigerator is actually two 24-inch-wide units joined by a built-in trim kit.

  • lovely flat

    Good hardware is tough to find, but flush-mounted pieces are particularly elusive.


off the shelf

  • inside story

    The line's manufacturer offers funky designs in finishes ranging from dark bronze and brushed or satin nickel to polished brass and bright chrome.

  • less is door

    The Cutler Anderson Collection of hardware for the home, designed by architect James Cutler in partnership with Reveal Designs, includes door levers, passage sets, and alluringly unassuming cabinet pulls.

  • round again

    Beach Pebble cabinet pulls from SpectraDécor are smooth circles of 100 percent recycled glass on a lead-free pewter base.

  • right angles

    Available in black leather, faux crocodile, and cocoa-brown washable suede, Atlas Homewares' Paradigm collection spices up kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

  • absolute steel

    Designed to blend with high-end stainless steel appliances, Providence Artworks' Absolute Zero Collection of cabinet and drawer pulls are made of solid stainless steel so finishes won't chip off or wear away.

  • casting call

    The Marcel line of hardware from hip designers Jeffrey Goodman and Steven Charlton combines traditional sand-casting craftsmanship with contemporary flair.


digital home

  • future-proofed

    In a tract-home development, electronics subcontractors have the luxury of designing in a predictable array of audio systems, home networking gear, and maybe a home theater. They offer cookie-cutter packages, and then home buyers either opt in or out of t


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  • what's your favorite industrial product?

    The Apple cordless mouse. You don't need a desk; you can put it on any smooth surface and use it. Apple just knows how to produce attractive designs for functional objects.


Other Articles

  • double vision

    First-time developer John Bertsch saw potential in a canyonside lot in San Diego's posh Mission Hills neighborhood, and he detected a hunger for progressive design in the local housing market.

  • high society

    The Highland Parks community sits along a ridge in central Oregon's high alpine desert. The sloping site dips east, where a verdant valley gives way to remote scenes of the Ochoco National Forest's mountain majesty. Architect Joel Severud found ways to ta

  • good neighbors

    a group of houses may appear beautiful and well maintained, but if the houses don't contain people, it's not going to seem like much of a community.

  • city rhythms

    Urban infill is perhaps the most important housing typology an architect can pursue. Not only does it promote density, it repairs decaying communities, creates new neighborhoods, and utilizes existing infrastructure.