from the editor

  • a glass half full

    One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year is a set of small wine tumblers. Etched across the midpoint of each glass is a white line with the words "ottimista" above and "pessimista" below.



  • natural laws

    Most architects think traditional design and detailing techniques are a boring cop-out. Similarly, many academics find blunt prose simplistic. Plain language is indeed comparable to accepted building techniques—direct and to the point, with acknowledged meanings and proven results. Just like florid...



  • gentle landings

    James Cutler, FAIA, recalls a well-known client who wanted to build a Spanish-style house in the woods overlooking Puget Sound. As they walked the property, Cutler asked the client why he felt Spanish architecture would be appropriate. The man replied that he simply liked the look, and that the way...