from the editor

  • where's the architect?

    I'm not sure which is worse, a builder-tweaked plan house or a client's kit-of-parts house, cobbled together by a general contractor's in-house draftsperson. At least with the plan house I can imagine an architect started the whole ball rolling at some point in its history.



  • public citizens

    Every year, architecture firms and practitioners receive requests for pro bono or reduced-fee work. Typically, these inquiries come from communities, churches, nonprofit organizations, and the like—sources who genuinely cannot afford to pay market rates. Unfortunately, very few firms have...



  • beyond the glass door

    When Kem Hinton, FAIA, and Seab Tuck, FAIA, decided to design new offices for their staff of 15, they wanted something out of the ordinary. So the owners of Tuck Hinton Architects, Nashville, Tenn., bought the Civil War-era Elm Street Methodist Church and transformed the interior with such cool...


architects' choice

  • 2004 architects' choice

    No one wants to take a chance on a product untested in the real world—not when your clients' good opinion and safety is riding on your spec list.