from the editor

  • staying interested

    What do you do to stay interested in your chosen profession? I'm thinking about anyone who's had the same job or type of work for 10 years or more. Even if you love what you're doing, it's almost inevitable that at some point you'll feel a little stale. Those of us in the creative professions are...



  • context conscious

    Several months ago, I was invited by a local civic association to take part in a lecture series titled "Designing Within Historic Districts." Because this is the sort of presentation I had made many times before, I assumed it would be simply a showing of my firm's work. Several days before my talk...



  • painting on fridays

    Jeremiah Eck started his residential practice in Boston with $30 in his pocket and little more than a pencil to draw with. Twenty-eight years later, the firm is thriving and Eck, FAIA, has taken up a paintbrush, retreating to his backyard studio each Friday to work on his landscape canvases.