from the editor

  • back to basics

    I've just returned from a stretch in Maine, where I stayed in a bare-bones summer cottage overlooking a peaceful bay. The cottage is in Brooklin—with an "i"—near where E.B. White wrote the trio of children's books that includes Charlotte's Web.



  • foreign affairs

    Affordable housing in any country is highly regulated and constrained by conditions ranging from building codes to societal attitudes. In designing public housing in Japan, we have been exposed to constraints and opportunities that are very different from anything we had previously faced. The...



  • corps values

    Whether they were in North Africa or the South Seas, architects say Peace Corps work has changed their lives. Although the program still recruits architects, the largest group participated in the 1960s and '70s, when newly independent countries were undergoing ambitious development programs and...



  • modern, historical, public, private, chaos, quiet

    Many architects start out building beach houses and move on to larger, more complex projects. Suman Sorg, who founded Sorg and Associates in 1986, took the opposite route. Her passion has been institutional and public projects, not custom homes. But if the best architecture comes from an intimate...