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  • follow the leader

    Why do we love stories about successful people so much? A&E built a hit cable station largely on the popularity of its celebrity biographies. But every medium has plumbed the lives of the rich and famous, looking for the secrets of their success. Maybe if we watch, read, or listen closely enough...


home front

  • New School

    Big-name architects in the New Urbanism movement launch the Institute for Traditional Architecture.

  • Hot House

    This house in hot, hip Palm Springs, Calif., won an award for unbuilt projects from the Los Angeles chapter of the AIA.

  • Picture Perfect

    Leland Roth's Shingle Styles and Ann Wall Frank's Northwest Style will look nice on a table in your office.

  • Lauding Lautner

    With their arresting geometric forms and wide-open interiors, the homes John Lautner created expanded the boundaries of American residential architecture.


residential architect leadership awards

top firm

  • top firm: pyatok architects

    It is not unusual for architect Michael Pyatok's subsidized-housing projects to be mistaken for upscale condos.