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  • Good Neighborhood Policy

    You probably think you could design something better with your good hand tied behind your back. Well, why don't you?


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  • Production House Proud

    The role of chairperson of the AIA Housing Committee has allowed me to meet and speak with residential architects from across the country about housing design and community-related issues.



  • Going Local

    For big builders, the party is over. The days when they could churn out the same five plans from the home office and sprawl them across the country are on the wane.



  • from house to housing

    In the universe of residential design, architects who craft one-off custom homes for individual clients like to think they're worlds apart from their counterparts who create plans for builders to mass-produce in America's burgeoning subdivisions. If ever two segments of the same profession were...

  • Full Circle

    Architect Barry Berkus once helmed the largest production housing firm in the country, but now he's turing back to his first love: design.



  • Fun with Stairs

    The wonderful thing about designing a stair is the opportunity it presents for playfulness.

  • Cutting-Edge Communities

    Architects in Atlanta; Tucson, Ariz.; Chicago; and Bellevue, Wash., take community design and planning in innovative directions.


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  • The Trouble with EIFS

    For the first 15 years that they were used as residential cladding, exterior insulation and finish systems, or EIFS, were regarded as an affordable, attractive, and easy-to-apply exterior finish.