• Green Surfaces

    Eco-friendly adhesives, resins, and other components come together to create a range of green options for walls, countertops, and floors.

  • Affordable Luxury

    Transforming a plain bathroom into a true master bath experience with a modern, welcoming feel.

  • Born Again

    More than just enhanced curb appeal, this 75-year-old Tudor cottage was reborn with a modern openness that’s both family-friendly and neighborhood-friendly.

  • Ceiling Fans

    This remodel created an open plan and added richness to the design by making a feature of the wood ceiling the clients loved so much.

  • Breaking It Down

    By breaking down walls and bringing light into the space, the designer did more than just open up the plan — he created an entirely new atmosphere.

  • Suburban Renewal

    A drab split-level home is transformed into a modern showpiece with the addition of a "light box" to the rear facade, adding space on two levels and bringing in abundant natural light.

  • Clean & Clear

    After tending to the project's structural issues, the design team sought to bring the space into the 21st century, with a modern palette that includes concrete countertops.

  • Cool & Efficient

    A charming Victorian home gets a revamp and improved connection to the garden.

  • Wonky Works

    Making an irregular footprint work while maintaining the ad-hoc charm of the original structure and making sustainable upgrades.

  • Tidewater Tradition

    A fresh approach for adding on to a 1784 plantation home.

  • Original Blend

    Modern technology comes to bear on an 1888 home that needed an energy-efficient upgrade and more space.

  • Light as Air

    The remodel of this small apartment achieves the client's big spatial aspirations.

  • Unified Front

    The remodel of this split level better integrates the home's upper and lower levels and opens up the floor plan.

  • Reach for the Sky

    Moving a staircase and adding a skylight works wonders for lightening up a century-old row house.

  • 2011 Remodeling Design Awards

    There's a strong commercial showing in this year's Remodeling Design Awards. Of the 218 entries, our judges selected 19 winners.

  • Center of Attention

    A cramped galley kitchen is opened up and transformed into the centerpiece for casual living and outdoor entertaining.

  • Modern Family

    A 1920s Colonial gets a substantial addition that both feels appropriate and yet provides contemporary amenities for a modern family.